Two children and a young man have died this summer from a brain-eating amoeba that lives in water, health officials say.

This month, the rare infection killed a 16-year-old Florida girl, who fell ill after swimming, and a 9-year-old Virginia boy, who died a week after he went to a fishing day camp. The boy had been dunked the first day of camp, his mother told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Those cases are consistent with past cases, which are usually kids — often boys — who get exposed to the bug while swimming or doing water sports in warm ponds or lakes.

The third case, in Louisiana, was more unusual. It was a young man whose death in June was traced to the tap water he used in a device called a neti pot. It's a small teapot-shaped container used to rinse out the nose and sinuses with salt water to relieve allergies, colds and sinus trouble.

Health officials later found the amoeba in the home's water system. The problem was confined to the house; it wasn't found in city water samples, said Dr. Raoult Ratard, Louisiana's state epidemiologist.

A 5K race coming up in October in Baltimore, Maryland has an interesting twist, in time for the Halloween season. Run the race and avoid the obstacles - ZOMBIES.

Runners will receive belts with flags on them representing their individual health. The zombies will be trying to grab this flags, simulating zombie attacks. If you lose all your flags, you are not only out of the race, but you are now a zombie too!

But, similar to video games, additional health bonuses, flags, will be available in random spots throughout the course. The goal is to be the first person to the finish line with at least one flag left. Hopefully the zombie who collects the most flags wins something too. The race date is October 22nd.

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Have you seen this TV commercial for Toshiba Computers? Good use of zombies!
The Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN - If you've ever wondered what the zombies in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video would look like washing cars, this was the place to find out.

Not just anyone would come up with such a silly twist to the traditional car-wash fundraiser. Leave it to the Otherwise Actors group of Rochester Civic Theatre.

"These kids never want to do anything normally," said Denise Ruemping, the theater's education director.

Stumbling, groping, then suddenly break-dancing and sudsing in a planned routine, the 13 teenage actors left car after car clean on Sunday, and drivers with smiles on their faces.

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The second annual Zombie Safe House Design Competition is coming. To be judged by Max Brooks, and others. How many people will your structure hold? How about water, food, and waste? Will there be secret entrances and exits? What protections against zombies will you implement?

Start designing your ultimate zombie safe house now.

Learn more and register here:
A teenager from Canada who allegedly stabbed to death a 21-year-old man in Glasgow, Scotland after hearing voices saying the man was a zombie, has been found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. Scottish media reports say a jury at the High Court in Glasgow cleared 19-year-old Tianhui Zhan of murdering 21-year-old Michael Davis on Oct. 13, 2010.

Davis had just finished work as a cleaner and was on his way to a second cleaning job when Zhan allegedly stabbed him three times. He underwent surgery but died from his injuries the following day.

According to the reports, the court heard Zhan picked his victim at random in an unprovoked attack because he believed Davis was a zombie who was going to attack him. The court also heard that Zhan, who is of Chinese origin but lives with his parents in Canada, travelled to Glasgow after hearing voices saying he should go there. He reportedly told a psychiatrist that he started seeing blood over the faces of people and was convinced they were zombies.

The teenager, whose hometown is not known, is now receiving treatment at a local hospital for paranoid schizophrenia. Media reports say the court heard that Zhan had suffered from mental health problems since the age of 14 and had consistently refused to take his medication.

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