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The July 19th issue of Entertainment Weekly features Glenn and Maggie from AMC's The Walking Dead, locked in a kiss. Actors Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohen posed during a photo-shoot for the magazine which will feature a story about the upcoming fourth season of the zombie based TV show.

And the July 24th issue of Entertainment Weekly will also feature three collectible issues with more Walking Dead characters (pictured below) as AMC makes sure no one forgets about the show during the off-seaso.

Any articles will likely not include any spoilers as cast members are pretty tight-lipped about what will happen to the characters when the new season starts in October. About all we know so far is that there will be more focus on zombies being the main danger and perhaps a few dangers from within the new group.

'Zone One' is another addition to the zombie-genre of literature. Author, Colson Whitehead, tells the story of post-apocalyptic New York. The uninfected are actually winning the battle against the zombies, or Skels, and have established a new government and society within the protected regions.

Previously ordinary citizens are now working as militia and leaders, as they rebuild society, and protect themselves from the Skels. The story is more about how society is dealing with the aftermath of such a tragic event, and how they treat each other. Political satire and innuendo is more common in 'Zone One' then zombie fighting action, typical in most zombie novels.


'Diary of a Zombie Kid' is a spoof on the popular kid's books 'Diary of a Whimpy Kid' by Jeff Kinney. It is basically a tongue in cheek parody with lots of humor for all ages. 

Written and illustrated by Fred Perry and David Hutchison, it is the first book released by Antartic Express. The main character, Bill Stokes is a 6th grader with aspirations of becoming a professional video gamer player. But through an array of unfortunate events, he winds up becoming a zombie. And the story details his struggle of dealing with his situation as a zombie kid.

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The novel, 'Resurrection Planet: A Zombie Sci-Fi Adventure', by Lucas Cole, is coming back to life, in zombie like fashion. A second edition of this classic zombie novel is being published digitally by Master Key Press for download on Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other digital readers.

The story of survival against zombie invasion, is about more than killing the flesh-eaters. There is some interesting character development in the story. The story gives you a good vs. evil plot, and questions the difference between life and death.

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